Wedding Lighting

Direct Hit wedding and special event lighting

The proper wedding lighting can create an feeling of soft romance by mimicking the glows of candlelight or a full on party atmosphere with a vibrant medley of colors and motion, all you have to do is describe your vision to us, and we can turn it into reality. Direct Hit uses only LED lighting technolgy in all of our lights. You can read more about our lighting technology here.

You can also build excitement by having color-coordinated up-lights or even wash the room in your wedding colors for a truly unique experience for you and your guests.

Direct Hit wedding and special event uplighting Direct Hit wedding and special event uplighting

Room Uplighting

Transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. You'll have a near limitless color palette to select from with our modern LED lighting technology. You can create an ambiance of soft candlelit romance with amber uplighting, or decorate your space in festive colors matching your bridesmaid's dresses, floral arangements, or even your linens.

The up-lighting fixtures can be placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that project up the wall or architectual features. You could choose to only highlight the head table by up-lighting behind it or, in some cases, underneath it. Up-lights are a dazzling way to tie together your design and decor elements and our up-lighting packages start as low as $150.

Direct Hit Production's LED up-lights are far superior to traditional up-lights used by some other companies.

  • Our LED up-light fixtures consume far less power than the old fashioned par cans. In some cases our lighting can be run off of a single electrical outlet. This is important in venues with limited power supply
  • Traditional up-lighting fixtures can become very hot and pose a serious risk of burns, especially to small children who like to touch the pretty lights. Our lights remain cool to the touch throughout the entire event.
  • Our up-lights are "intelligent" and can be programmed to produce millions of possible colors from a single unit and can also be controlled to vary the color and intensity of each light. In fact, if you desire, the up-lights can be programmed to dance with the music later on in the evening.

For more information about up-lighting for your event, call us at 708-655-4835 or contact us today.

Direct Hit wedding and special event intelligent lighting Direct Hit wedding and special event intelligent lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent dance floor lighting takes DJ lighting to a whole new level, giving your event the look and feel of a nightclub or concert. The only limitation of intelligent lighting is your imagination! With the use of special software controllers, your lighting technician (in many cases, the DJ or MC) controls the patterns, color, speed, and other functions of the light fixtures. The colors are brighter, more vivid, and offer more combinations than "static" lighting. Intelligent lighting also gives you the ability to spotlight your special moments and add a real "wow factor" to your event.

For more information about Intelligent lighting, call us at 708-655-4835 or contact us today.