DJ Bios

Mark Kilbourn

Founder and DJ/MC
Mark has been a DJ for over 20 years, starting out as an assistant DJ with another local company. His desire to grow and learn was further developed working in several Chicago bars and clubs. He was a resident DJ for 15 years at the legendary south side party bar, "McDuffys". Mark's skills kept improving to where he could expand his work at other well know establishments including "Voyeur", "Red No. 5", "Zantes", "Bar 122" as well as many others over the years. Mark has long since put the club scene behind him, but that hasn't changed his passion for music and entertaining crowds of people. "My love for music started in my early teens, and I have only my brother to thank. He had an awesome stereo system in his bedroom and an eclectic taste in music which I learned to love. I was the kid that put a speaker in the window for the whole neighborhood to hear. I enjoyed sharing my love of music with anyone who'd listen. Once I got into the business, I learned how to mix music into exciting sets. I just love throwing in a surprise song during my sets...old school flashbacks that make people scream when they hear it. More than anything, I just really enjoy seeing people have a good time, and if I can help them with my music, all the better!" Mark is also known for his fun, light-hearted nature as well as a strong, clear speaking voice that is well suited for powerful, energetic wedding introductions as well as corporate events with lots of announcements. "It would be my pleasure to serve as your DJ/MC at your event!"

Jeff Balsavich

Co-Founder and DJ/MC
Jeff’s love affair for music began at a young age while playing trumpet in a variety of bands all the way through college. Jeff met Mark about 20 years ago at a bar Mark was working at and they quickly became great friends. They decided to team up and grow Direct Hit together. Jeff and Mark have great chemistry together which blur the lines between friendship and business. They often tease each other for musical selections and are always trying to "out do" each other. Jeff is extremely extroverted and loves being around people. My favorite quote is: Dance like no one is watching; Love like you've never been hurt; Sing like no one is listening; Live like it’s heaven on Earth! “There is nothing better than being with people during a celebration. I love the fact that we can help enhance an already joyous occasion with music and a little laughter. “I grew up in Chicago and love everything about the city. I am eternally grateful for music as it has provided me wonderful opportunities which include meeting my wife while playing trumpet at UIC for her basketball games. During my free time, I love spending it with her and my two young daughters taking advantage of all the town has to offer. Great Food, Great Music & Great People. I think it’s a privilege to work events and would love the opportunity to talk with you about your next one.

Billy Marco

Billy also began his musical interest through band, in fact, Jeff and Billy played together. Billy also met Mark many years ago through mutual friends and they have been thick as thieves since. Billy is well regarded as having outstanding stage presence and a knack for perfect timing.